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When you’ve uploaded some special stuff, why not share some of it?


Your special stuff is private by default, but if you choose to share certain things with special people in your life, you might find they share special stuff with you!

Get sharing

Make the unforgettable, unforgettable.


The best bits of your life, all in one place.

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Organise, enjoy and share only with people you want.

Your story



Your most special stuff, all in one place – photos, videos, files and more

Create folders, add to your timeline (past, present and future), all your special stuff, quick and easy to find

Your special stuff is private by default. Only share what you want to, with the special people in your life

A place for all your special moments. 

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Manage your timeline

Choose what to add and create your own special timeline. 


Treasure the past, live the present and anticipate the future!

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Get organising!

Create folders and sub-folders, give them titles, choose the background colour…


Photos, files, videos and more -
securely stored, quick and easy to get to. 


Create a time capsule

Decide for whom, choose what to put in it, set the date, lock the capsule and watch it appear on both of your timelines!


Get started by creating your account

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Dare to ask
and to answer!

Too many questions don’t get asked! Questions are a great way to learn about people, including yourself.


What were you thinking, doing, wearing 10 years ago?


Pick from loads of great questions to ask or answer. Create your own, add pictures, videos and messages.


Why not share and compare your answers!

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There are so many really special things in life that get lost or forgotten.​ There are other things that never get asked or said.


Special Stuff was inspired by a very personal desire not to lose memories from people who might not always be with us. But then it grew! Why not have one place for all your most special stuff, brilliantly organised, quick and easy to access, the perfect way to make the unforgettable, unforgettable?


We hope you enjoy Special Stuff as much as we have creating it!

The future is exciting, 

but so is the past.


Create an account and never leave any special moment behind again. 


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Some things are special, that you just don’t want to lose. Special Stuff is brilliant


I didn’t realise how much stuff I've got everywhere. It’s great to have the best bits in one place. And organised!

The time capsules are awesome! It’s like Christmas waiting to open one!!!!!

I love the questions. They make you think and it’s really cool to ask other people


Why is special stuff special?

We asked, they answered.



How it works
Time Capsules
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Adrian Dent


Clarissa Saccenti


James Noble

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