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  • Does special stuff work on mobile?
    Yes, it does. Although it is web based, special stuff works just like an app on your smartphone and you can download a home screen icon to make it super easy to get to. You can log in here.
  • How much does it cost?
    Special Stuff doesn’t cost anything. It is free to use.
  • How do I share things with people?
    To share things with people, use the share icon. You can share a link, in case people don’t want to sign up for Special Stuff, but far better is to invite people to join to they can add to what you have shared, comments and hare back.
  • How do I invite people to join?
    Go to connections. Put in their email and click invite. As soon as they sign up and accept, you’re connected.
  • Can I create a group of contacts?
    Yes, you can. You first need to invite people, so they are part of your connections. Then go to “Groups”, select the people you would like to invite to the group and do just that.
  • How many people can I invite?
    You can share your special stuff with as many people as you wish.
  • Is my stuff safe?
    Your personal information and content is completely private and secure. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS)’ secure infrastructure and keep multiple copies of your content in multiple locations.
  • How private is special stuff?
    Very private. We like to define it 'the anti-social social media'. The only people who will ever see your content are those you invite and decide to share your special stuff with. What does this mean? Nobody sees your precious memories unless you want them to. Finally, we will never sell or rent your contact information, nor will we share any of your content with anyone unless you ask us to. Read our Privacy policy.
  • How do time capsules work?
    Time capsules are great! You can upload things for someone, only to be accessible at a certain date in the future, just like the old-fashioned time capsules you have to dig a hole for and bury! Imagine a birthday time capsule with a video, some photographs and a birthday message…you get the idea!
  • Can I change the date on stuff I have uploaded?
    Yes. It is super easy to edit and re-organise all of your folders. You can change the content, the date, the colour of the folder, who it is shared with, etc.
  • How many tags can I link to one piece of stuff?
    You can add as many tags as you want! And the tags can be as unusual or as personal as you like! E.g. green underpants…bee hive hairdo…Houdini the gecko!
  • Can other people add to my stuff rather than just storing their own stuff?
    Yes, they can. As long as they are a member and one of your connections, they can add to any folder that has been shared with them and comment on the contents of that folder.
  • How do I add things to my timeline?
    Whenever you upload anything, you have the option to add it to your timeline. If you have uploaded something without adding it to your timeline that can easily by changed by editing the options on that folder. Birthdays, special occasions and notes can be added directly to the timeline using the + on the left. You can make a note of anything and add it to your timeline – from a reminder to a shopping list!
  • Can I download things from someone else’s special stuff?
    Yes, if you have been invited to a folder, you are able to add to the content, comment on the content and download the content. The different icons displayed enable you to do a whole variety of things.
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